Jams n Jelly

Introducing New Additions to our No Sugar Added Line

Melissa’s Home Cooking are happy to announce our new addition to our No sugar added line. We now have No Sugar added Pineapple Habenero Mango and No Sugar Added Apple Jelly. We heard what you all had to say and are growing our No Sugar Added Line. In all our No Sugar Added Jams/jellies, there is no sugar or sugar substitute. We leave it open to our customers to just enjoy the fruit itself or to add their own sweetener such as honey, Stevia or Splenda. The organic pectin we use in our no sugar added jams/jellies has no sugar as well. Come visit us this weekend at the Katy Flea Market (see events page for more details) to purchase your no sugar added jams/jellies. Or place an order today through the form provided on front page of our website under “contact us”. Orders can be picked up anytime during the day in Katy area or Jersey Village area.

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