Jams N Jelly

Introducing Sangria Jelly, and Blackberry Jelly

Melissa’s Home Cooking is proud to introduce our two new products, Sangria Jelly, and Blackberry Jelly. Many of you wanted seedless Blackberry Jelly over the jam, so now we are happy to provide Blackberry Jelly for your kitchen. This Blackberry Jelly goes great on a breakfast sandwich, waffles, pancakes, and even makes a great ice cream topping. Melissa’s Home Cooking also are happy to introduce you to Sangria Jelly. Sangria Jelly makes a great addition to your breakfast table but also can bring many possibilities for you dinner table. Sangria Jelly makes a great glaze for lamb, fish, and mixed vegetables. Visit Melissa’s Home Cooking booth at one of our upcoming craft shows to have a sample and pick up a jar.

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