St. Paul’s Fall Festival

This Saturday from 9am to 4pm, you can find Melissa’s Home Cooking at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church off of Franz road. We will be set up outside near the parking lot. We will have our freshly baked cinnamon rolls and all our jams, jellies and condiments. There will be 70 booths of crafts, clothes, collectibles and home decor for the holidays. There will also be free exciting activities for the children such as face painting, bouncy house and petting zoo. During lunch, take a break from all the fall festivities and enjoy a BBQ Sandwich the church will be selling. All proceeds go to the church missionary groups. Come and enjoy the fall festivities at St. Paul. Please bring any recycled mason jars with the rings to our booth and receive a complimentary cinnamon roll. Must mention this post.

Fall Gift Market

Coming up this weekend Friday and Saturday, you can find our booth at Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Fall Gift Market. We will have our freshly baked cinnamon rolls, along with our jams and jellies including some new flavors to sample. There will be tons of booths to shop at, lunch served inside church upstairs and an silent auction where one of our baskets can be found. Enjoy the Fall weather as you stroll down the side walks of vendors. Than when you get hungry for lunch, stop your way inside to the cafe. After sitting down enjoying a lunch and fellowship, enjoy some more shopping among the many booths located upstairs and downstairs inside the church. We are looking forward to see all our smiling customer faces. If you have any empty mason jars with the rings, please help us recycle and bring them to our booth for a free cinnamon roll. Must mention this posting to receive.

Fall is Almost Here!

Fall is almost here, which means Melissa’s Home Cooking events are just around the corner. Do not forget to check our events page on our website to view where we are headed to next. First show for the season will be located at Katy High school in Old Katy. We will have our shelves stocked up full with over 40 flavors of Jams, Jellies, Condiments and our cinnamon rolls. There will be many booths to shop from located all across the school; the gym, cafeteria, and hallways between the gym and cafeteria. We are excited for Fall and Winter and hope your are too. We can not wait to see all our customers again. See y’all soon!

Fig Preserves are back on the Shelf!

Fig Preserves are back on our shelves along with Strawberry flavored Fig jam and No Sugar Added Strawberry Fig Jam. Figs are great antioxidants, as well as fiber resource along with beneficial minerals. We all remember our grandmother in the kitchen canning fresh figs from the tree. So go pull out your grandmother’s recipe books, and make a delicious Fig cake, or just have figs straight out of the jar. Figs is a wonderful fruit that can play well with many foods. Not only can you make a sweet treat, but goes perfect over some brie making the perfect appetizer for any table. Not a Brie fan? Do not worry, it goes well with many other sweet cheeses as well such as goat cheese, blue cheese, etc. Moving right along to the main course, cook up a fabulous fig glaze for chicken thighs, lamb chops, and even pork chops. Want something for the morning? Our Strawberry flavored Fig Jam can turn your boring plain yogurt into a fruitful flavorful yogurt everyone will be grabbing for. Are you making french toast this morning? Kick it up a notch by making stuffed french toast with any of our fig preserves/ jams we have to offer. Now that your mouth is watering and your feeling hungry, make your way over to the phone, and place your order today!

Peaches are Back in Season

Peaches are back in season, and Melissa is back in the kitchen making all your favorite peach jams. Our Peach Jam will make you think of the same flavors of Peach Cobbler making it a great addition to ice cream. We also make the no sugar added version as well, same great spices but just a bit tart. Our Peach Brandy Jam is infused with a smooth sweet Brandy paring well with the sweet acidity in the peaches. Peach Brandy Jam makes a delicious meat marinade or a sweet addition to your breakfast table. If you like to spice it up a little, we have Peach Habenero Mango Jam. First you will notice the sweet notes from the peach and mango and then the heat from the habenero comes in the end leaving your mouth warm. Peach Habenero Mango Jam is another great meat marinade but even better served on cream cheese with crackers, making this a great party food. Place an order today of your choice of one of our four peach jams.

Introducing New Additions to our No Sugar Added Line

Melissa’s Home Cooking are happy to announce our new addition to our No sugar added line. We now have No Sugar added Pineapple Habenero Mango and No Sugar Added Apple Jelly. We heard what you all had to say and are growing our No Sugar Added Line. In all our No Sugar Added Jams/jellies, there is no sugar or sugar substitute. We leave it open to our customers to just enjoy the fruit itself or to add their own sweetener such as honey, Stevia or Splenda. The organic pectin we use in our no sugar added jams/jellies has no sugar as well. Come visit us this weekend at the Katy Flea Market (see events page for more details) to purchase your no sugar added jams/jellies. Or place an order today through the form provided on front page of our website under “contact us”. Orders can be picked up anytime during the day in Katy area or Jersey Village area.

Katy Flea Market

Every weekend in  May, you can find Melissa’s Home Cooking at the new Katy Flea Market located at 3755 N. Fry Road Katy, Texas 77449. Saturday’s will be from 10am-4pm and Sundays noon-4pm. BBQ Season is here, so come pick up your condiments to top of your BBQ Favorites and your jam/jelly to glaze and marinade your meat before throwing it on the pit. To deal with this Texas heat, we all will have Blue Bell in our freezers. Come get a jar of our new Brandied/Spice Peach Halves to top off your Blue Bell, and can promise you will not be disappointed! Not a peach fan? We have a cherry jam that goes wonderful on Vanilla Ice Cream. Need a jelly for your morning biscuits? Mayhaw jelly is a great addition to your breakfast table turning a boring biscuit into something your mouth will be watering for. Melissa’s Home Cooking has also brought back an oldie but goodie, Sweet and Hot Mustard. It is perfect timing for BBQ Season. It gives the perfect tangy sweetness spice to your burgers, potato salad and deviled eggs. So come check out our booth at the new Katy Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday in May. You can always call or email and place a order to pick up from us at the Katy Flea Market during May or even pick up from us in Jersey Village area or Barker Cypress area at any time.

Katy Budget Books Spring Market and Mayhaw is back!

This Saturday at Katy Budget Books 2450 Fry Road Katy, Texas 77084 from 9am to 4pm you can find Melissa’s Home Cooking booth along with other great booths to visit. Melissa’s Home Cooking are very happy to announce Mayhaw is back in season! We have a limited supply of Mayhaw Jelly, so hurry on over to our booth this Saturday at Katy Budget Books to stock up on our Mayhaw Jelly. You can also call or email us your order and can pick up in Katy area or Jersey Village area. See y’all Saturday in the parking lot of Katy Budget Books.

Katy Market Days

Melissa’s Home Cooking proudly announces are first appearance at Katy Market Days. If you live or will be in the Katy area this Saturday between 10am-4pm, make sure you stop by our booth at Katy Market Days (5717 2nd St. Katy, Texas 77493),to grab a jar of jam/jelly. Enjoy the morning breeze as you walk through the market browsing at all the things vendors have to offer as you chow down on our cinnamon roll. Grab the strollers, children and shopping bags, and we will see you at Katy Market Days.

Introducing New Items

Melissa’s Home Cooking would like to announce our new addition to our shelves. We now have Brandied Peach Halves and Spiced Peach Halves. These peaches are perfect for snacking on them straight out of the jar. These peaches can also make a great addition to your salads. Summer is just around the corner which means indulging on some ice cold ice cream. Why not top off your favorite ice cream with brandied or spiced peaches. Making a pie or cobbler? Use our flavorful peaches instead of the boring canned peaches from the grocery store. Place your order today by email, or phone. You can also check out our events page to see where our next show is so you can shop.