It is with a sadden heart that we have to announce Melissa’s Home Cooking will not be attending any 2020 Fall/Winter craft shows. Most shows have been canceled due to Covid. As we stay safe and prepare for 2021, we do want to inform you that we are still in business. If you would like to place an order for gifts, gatherings, or just personal shopping, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email. All of our contact info is listed under the contact page on our website.

Melissa’s Home Cooking can either deliver to our customer, with in a 5mile radius from our home base, or a customer can pick up from our home base located in Katy, Texas/Jersey Village. We are practicing safety measures during this pandemic. We will have our mask on, and keep our distance. A customer also has the choice to pay over the phone with Adelaide Gibson, our manager, so that we can complete a contactless delivery safely to your home. We are willing to work with you in any means necessary.

Our cinnamon rolls are still available for purchase, but must be purchased by the dozen. Most of our jams/jellies/condiments are for sale as well. If placing an order for delivery, the minimum purchase required is 25 dollars. If placing an order for pick up from one of our home base, no minimum amount required. Unfortunately we are not able to do NSA jams/jellies for purchase unless we already have it on our shelf due to the short shelf life NSA jams/jellies hold. We apologize for any inconvenience. However, if you would like to place an order for a recipe of NSA to be made fresh, the amount of recipe makes, would have to be purchased. For instance, one recipe of NSA Apple Butter makes about 5 half pints, and would come out to be $27.50 for purchase. When placing any order, please allow Melissa 2-3 days to prepare your order for pick-up/delivery.

Melissa’s Home Cooking team would like to thank all of our loyal customers for all your business over the years. We hope to continue to serve all your smiling faces many more years to come. During these difficult times, please make sure to support your local small business, we are all in this together. Stay safe, and we will see y’all next year with some new products!



We are sadden to say that St. Mary’s Fall Gift Market has canceled their show for this Fall due to Covid 19. However some good news is they are making a decision rather to postpone the show to Spring 2021. Melissa’s Home Cooking will let you all know here as soon as we find it. If the Spring show is voted against, than St. Mary’s will resume in Fall 2021. Thank you for your understanding, and will be posting our Fall 2020 calendar soon. We are accepting orders over the phone, and email. We are more than happy to drop orders off at your door step and take payment over the phone. Hope everyone is doing well during these trialing times and staying safe. Can not wait to see all your smiling faces this coming Fall 2020.

We hope that all our customers are staying safe, and are well. We want to let all our customers know we are here for your pantry needs. Grocery Stores at this time are looking bare, including the Jam/Jelly isle. Jams/jellies are one of the most essential products you could use in your pantry. Why do you ask? Jam/jelly is not just for sandwiches, but it is great for meat glazes, dessert toppings, dips, and spreads.

Breakfast time! Grab the Apple Butter or Pecan praline Syrup for your biscuits, waffles/pancakes. Lunch time! Grab the Blackberry Jelly for old fashion peanut butter jelly sandwich. Having burgers or hot dogs instead? We got you covered; Try our Drunken Texas Pickles or Texas Candy to top of them burgers and hot dogs. Maybe your are having a potato salad, so use our Hot and Sweet Mustard to kick it up a notch.  Snack time! Grab your choice of crackers, goat cheese, or cream cheese. Now take a choosing of a jam, (Pineapple Habenero Mango, Strawberry Jalapeno, or Habenero Strawberry Mango) spread cheese, than jam onto the cracker. Dinner time! Best meal of the day in my opinion! Fig preserves are wonderful to pour over a roasted pork loin. More of a chicken person? Melt a jar of Margarita Jelly for a few seconds, and brush onto chicken, pop in oven and boom, Margarita chicken! It is a beefy night? Cherry Jam, splash of soy sauce, and few tablespoons of ketchup. Mix and toss meat balls in this beautiful glaze you just whipped up in minutes. Dessert Time! Summer time is here, which means perfect season for ice cream. Sinfully Cherry Jam is a delicious ice cream topping. A lot of baking is happening right now as well. I have you covered. Make a peach cobbler using our Spiced Peaches or Brandied Peaches. Bake a yellow cake with our Monkey Butter as a filling between the cake layers. Save a couple tablespoons to add to your frosting.

Melissa’s Home Cooking Products that are available at this time were all cooked, and shelved before Covid19. We will be waiting to can more for a couple of months making sure all is safe. Call today to place your order and let us fill your pantry! If you live with in 5miles of either West Road and 290 or Barker Cypress and Clay Road, Melissa or Adelaide can drop off your order at the door step. If more than 5miles, we will find a place to meet half way. In order to keep all safe, Melissa’s Home Cooking can take your card over the phone. Thank you to all our customers for always being supporting loyal customers. Stay safe, and can not wait to see all your smiling faces in the Fall Crafts Shows.

Melissa’s Home Cooking will be attending Katy High school Spring Craft Show. The show will be Saturday February 8th from 10am – 5pm and Sunday February 9th from 12pm- 5pm.  We will have most of our jams/jellies/condiments and our freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Grab the family, make your way to the Spring Craft show, and shop around. There are a lot of great vendors to shop from for upcoming birthday’s, Valentine Day, and Easter basket fillers. We will be waiting for all your smiling faces this weekend.