Fig Preserves are back on our shelves along with Strawberry flavored Fig jam and No Sugar Added Strawberry Fig Jam. Figs are great antioxidants, as well as fiber resource along with beneficial minerals. We all remember our grandmother in the kitchen canning fresh figs from the tree. So go pull out your grandmother’s recipe books, and make a delicious Fig cake, or just have figs straight out of the jar. Figs is a wonderful fruit that can play well with many foods. Not only can you make a sweet treat, but goes perfect over some brie making the perfect appetizer for any table. Not a Brie fan? Do not worry, it goes well with many other sweet cheeses as well such as goat cheese, blue cheese, etc. Moving right along to the main course, cook up a fabulous fig glaze for chicken thighs, lamb chops, and even pork chops. Want something for the morning? Our Strawberry flavored Fig Jam can turn your boring plain yogurt into a fruitful flavorful yogurt everyone will be grabbing for. Are you making french toast this morning? Kick it up a notch by making stuffed french toast with any of our fig preserves/ jams we have to offer. Now that your mouth is watering and your feeling hungry, make your way over to the phone, and place your order today!