Melissa’s Home Cooking introducing Lemon Marmalade and Lime Marmalade. These would be great additions to your breakfast table with your English muffins, biscuits, toast or even your yogurt. With the fall around the corner, grilled cheese sandwiches served with soup is popular. Brighten up your grilled cheese sandwich with one of our marmalade’s. Dinner party coming up, need an appetizer idea? We got you covered! Bake a Brie, top your cheese with a few spoonfuls of marmalade, wrap the whole thing in phyllo or puff pastry, and bake at 400 degrees. Want to make a glaze for your brisket for that next BBQ. Easy, melt a little bit of the marmalade with spoonful of water to thin it out some, and pour over your brisket as it cooks. Make a sticky, yet delicious glaze for your chicken for dinner tonight, just brush it over the chicken throughout cooking. We have three marmalade’s for your choosing, Lemon, Lime, and Orange. Which one will you choose?

Melissa’s Home Cooking can be found this weekend Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd at Cy-Springs FFA Craft and Car show located at 11206 Telge Rd. Cypress, Tx 77429. Saturday we will be there from 9am-5pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm. There will be over 100 vendors to shop from. There will be a car show, entertainment (singing and dancing), and a place to relax and eat. Please join us for a fun spring filled weekend. We will also be having samples of our newest addition to the shelves, raspberry jelly. Our freshly baked cinnamon rolls will be waiting for you at our booth. Make sure to come before the cinnamon rolls sale out. We hope to see everyone there!

Melissa’s Home Cooking is proud to introduce Raspberry Jelly. We took in what you all had to say about not wanting the seeds and made jelly without seeds. Please come visit us at our next craft show for a sample of the new raspberry jelly. Raspberry jelly makes a great peanut butter sandwich, or a great addition to your breakfast table for your biscuits. Raspberry Jelly also is great for parties; just add a jar over a block of cream cheese and serve with graham crackers.

Melissa’s Home Cooking is proud to introduce our two new products, Sangria Jelly, and Blackberry Jelly. Many of you wanted seedless Blackberry Jelly over the jam, so now we are happy to provide Blackberry Jelly for your kitchen. This Blackberry Jelly goes great on a breakfast sandwich, waffles, pancakes, and even makes a great ice cream topping. Melissa’s Home Cooking also are happy to introduce you to Sangria Jelly. Sangria Jelly makes a great addition to your breakfast table but also can bring many possibilities for you dinner table. Sangria Jelly makes a great glaze for lamb, fish, and mixed vegetables. Visit Melissa’s Home Cooking booth at one of our upcoming craft shows to have a sample and pick up a jar.

This Saturday April 1st from 9am-4pm at Fortbend County Fargrounds 4310 Tx-36 Rossenberg, Tx 77471, you can find Melissa’s Home Cooking booth along with other great booths. We will be there with our two new products, Sangria Jelly and Blackberry Jelly. We will have samples of our new products and our freshly baked cinnamon rolls. If you get hungry from all the shopping, the church will have plenty of BBQ for y’all to enjoy. We hope to see you there this Saturday for a day of fun.

Now Introducing Cowboy Tomato Jam. You asked for it, we made it! This tomato jam is sweet with warm spices and a small kick to tingle your taste buds. We have also added Drunken Texas Candy. This Jalapeno Candy is similar to our Texan Candy, but with Tequila. This goes great in Guacamole, nacho’s, Southwest Cheese ball and many other great Mexican inspired cuisine. Visit us at one of our upcoming shows to get a sample of our new products.