Peaches are back in season, and Melissa is back in the kitchen making all your favorite peach jams. Our Peach Jam will make you think of the same flavors of Peach Cobbler making it a great addition to ice cream. We also make the no sugar added version as well, same great spices but just a bit tart. Our Peach Brandy Jam is infused with a smooth sweet Brandy paring well with the sweet acidity in the peaches. Peach Brandy Jam makes a delicious meat marinade or a sweet addition to your breakfast table. If you like to spice it up a little, we have Peach Habenero Mango Jam. First you will notice the sweet notes from the peach and mango and then the heat from the habenero comes in the end leaving your mouth warm. Peach Habenero Mango Jam is another great meat marinade but even better served on cream cheese with crackers, making this a great party food. Place an order today of your choice of one of our four peach jams.

Melissa’s Home Cooking would like to announce our new addition to our shelves. We now have Brandied Peach Halves and Spiced Peach Halves. These peaches are perfect for snacking on them straight out of the jar. These peaches can also make a great addition to your salads. Summer is just around the corner which means indulging on some ice cold ice cream. Why not top off your favorite ice cream with brandied or spiced peaches. Making a pie or cobbler? Use our flavorful peaches instead of the boring canned peaches from the grocery store. Place your order today by email, or phone. You can also check out our events page to see where our next show is so you can shop.